Year-End Rankings

The Men’s Final Scraps Rankings
1. The Fed:  Way back when, I would have thought when Fed dropped to No. 2, I did not think he would regain his No. 1 ranking.  It’s nice to be proved wrong from time to time.  For the third time in his career Fed made the finals of all four majors.  He’s the only player since Laver to do this.  You got to get up!  Standing O for 2009 for Fed Fans and there’s a lot of you out there.  At this rate, he may even have a bigger 2010.


2. Rafa:  Had an amazing first five months of the season and seemed destined for a monster year.  That’s when things started to go wrong:  Lost for the first time at the French Open, incurring multiple injuries, and did not manage to win a single tournament the rest of the year.  Ouch.  He played the Davis Cup Final last weekend and with his year starting in less than three weeks, he’s not giving himself much of a break.  Hopefully, he’ll manage to plug in and recharge his batteries over this “no – off” off season.  Rafa’s wish list:  Health and maybe some sleep.  I thought he looked real tired at the ATP Finals.  NG…not good.

3. Del Po:  Massive step up performance by the 6’7” Argentine.  What a great feeling it must have been to take down Federer and win your first Grand Slam.  This 21 yr old has massive up side.  I think maybe the biggest ground strokes in the game, an ever improving serve and mobility of a basketball player.  He moves tremendously for a guy of his size.  I look forward to seeing his progress in 2010. 

3 Way Tie for No. 4:
Davydenko:  The Little Machine finds his way to another great year.  Capped off by winning the biggest title of his career at the ATP Finals in London.  He missed the first three months of the season, but ended with a bang, not to mention his Master Series surprise win in Shanghai.  I’m still amazed at 5’10” and 154lbs, he can hit the ball rapid fire AK47, he makes tennis balls fire like bullets off his racket.

Djoker:  The Djoker comes up with a very solid year.  No finals in a major, had to take a little something out of the year for him, not the breakthrough win he was looking for, but he finishes the year very strong and I think the hire of Todd Martin, will help his chances for winning a major in the coming year.  This guys all about style and now he switches to Tachini.  He’ll be looking good and feeling good when he steps out on the court. 

Andy Murray:  No one had a better year in ATP events than Andy Murray.  It’s the majors that he’ll be gunning for in 2010.  I think he’ll be revved up for the coming season.  He’s a smart player with a mature game.  He’s always said that age 23 will be his year to break through.  That should give him some incentive.  I don’t think any of the guys mentioned here will be more eager to get the year started than Andy Murray.

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  1. MillaRafaGrl says:

    Here is to Rafa having a Monster 2010!!! VAMOS!

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