Australian Open – Day 14

You got to get up and give a standing ovation has to go to Serena Williams, who takes out Sparky Justine Henin and she pulls off the daily double. She is the first woman to win both titles here since Martina Hingis pulled off the trifecta in 1997-98-99.

What an amazing way to start off the year, especially the way it ended and she has become the clear cut No. 1 in women’s tennis. There’s no more controversy. She now has a massive lead over the No. 2 player and this is a good thing for women’s tennis. It won’t take Sparky too long to get back into the Top 5. It was a good start for Justine to start off the year with two finals and it won’t take long to get back into the mix at the top. What a querky rule for the WTA because Justine won’t be ranked until she plays three tournaments. Something tells me with all the hype of the Belgians and I expect Serena to absolutely have a monster year in singles and I wouldn’t be surprised the slightest to see the Williams win the Grand Slam in doubles. Not a bad way to start the year with a cool $2 million-plus.

Some intrigue is brewing Down Under as two hours before game time it is raining. It is potential that the roof will be closed. I’ve liked Murray to win the title before the tournament but I’m sure Club Fed will be happy if the roof is closed. Fed gave some interesting bulletin board material after the semifinals to put pressure on the young Scotsman to win his first major title.

The key stat in the previous 10 meetings is that the player who has the higher percentage of first serve points has gone on to win the match. I hope we have an epic final like last year. I’m going to go with Murray to break the great British drought of 74 years. I’m going with Murray to prevail in five tough sets. Wherever you are, you better stay up and watch it and get your Dunkin’ donuts and coffee.

It’s been a great fortnight and I think the year is off to a great start. Tennis was clearly the winner Down Under

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  1. Alice Young says:

    It’s impossible for me not to be a great admirer of Serena for her incredible will to win. It’s so sad to read the bloggers who put her down with comments that without her serve and power she would be nothing; she’s on steroids; she should be thrown out of the tournaments because of her tirade; she had all those bandages wrapped around her so she would have an excuse if she lost and so on. Thank you, Brad, for writing that she should have an ovation for her wins in both singles and doubles; she deserves some love from commentators.

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