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Head YouTek Radical Midplus - The newest generation of the Head YouTek Radical Midplus continues the lineage of control, maneuverability and power that this racket has always given. 

The HeadYouTek Radical Midplus makes a solid choice for a variety of players at the 4.0 level and above. This stick is also well suited for advanced level juniors and smaller adults, and gives enough control and feel to help even the biggest hitters. The stick glads through the air easily which is great for heavy top-spinners.  It also offers great comfort and a nice response from the stringbed. At net the racquet offers a maneuverable feel with enough power to help make those put away volleys. Some nice feel makes hitting touch shots and finding angles a snap. On serve the maneuverable feel enables all the racquet head speed needed for both a flat and kickers. The 18/20 string pattern provides ample feel and control.


For more info check out the product page in Brad’s Online Store – click here.

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