Letter to Brad

Received this nice note from a reader of Brad’s book “Winning Ugly”…

“Hi Brad,

I’m just a lowly 3.5 player – I started playing tennis a few years ago – and several people have mentioned your book to me, but I could never get past the title. I thought it was all about gamesmanship and that just didn’t appeal to me. Anyway, out of curiosity, I finally read it last week and really appreciated your insight.

I had a match this week and thought a lot about your advice. I went with a plan. I focused on getting an early lead and then stretching my lead. After winning the first set, I made sure not to come into the second set as Happy Camper and focused on fighting off my Wounded Bear.

Long story short – it was a tough match, nearly every game went to deuce, but in the end, I won 6-1, 6-1. The score was not at all reflective of the play, but I really bared down when I needed to.

So, if this message actually reaches you, I just wanted to say thanks.”


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