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On this great day of sports, it really took the wind out of my sails to wake to find out that Nick Bollettieri was NOT accepted into the Tennis Hall of Fame. I’m not sure what the criteria is or the thought process of the voters or board, but to me, it’s a travesty. For what Nick has brought to tennis, he should have been inducted 10 years ago.

When he opened his academy in 1979, everyone thought he was crazy and it would never work, not only has it worked, it has flourished, producing top players, encouraging the sport to both amateurs and professionals, not to mention Nick himself spreading more passion on tennis than any other person involved in the sport that I know. Kudos to you Nick, for what you’ve given this sport…sooner or later they’ll come to their senses.

What an amazing two weeks for Venus Williams. At 29, people were starting to think she was slowing down, thanks for proving the skeptics wrong and stepping up and pulling off the daily double. Best of luck at the main event at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. Hopefully, she’ll get some rest after this 3-city jaunt.

Now announcing his arrival, Latvian’s first tennis star, Ernests Gulbis, it’s taken longer than I thought it would, but all in good time. At 21 yrs old, it finally looks like Ernie is ready to make his move. He dominates at Del Ray Beach this week with an absolute beat down on Dr. Ivo, that doesn’t happen very often, much less on his birthday, ouch. This guy is the prototype of the modern player, at 6’3”, lots of hair and HUGE game! Now seems to finally understand how to play the game under the influence of Argentinean coach, Hernan Gumy. Gumy has brought much needed discipline and a solid work ethic, mix that with raw talent and we have winner, winner, chicken dinner. Amazingly, this guy won 2 consecutive matches during one tournament in 2009. The new decade seems to be treating him a lot better. He’ll bring the fear factor in upcoming tournaments.

Gut wrenching loss for USA Hockey in over time – What a day in sports!

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