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It has been an incredibly interesting month in the women’s game. The fairy tale win for Kim Clijsters at the US Open is in the books. I knew she was going to come good, but I never thought that much good would come that quick. Very admirable that she’s putting family first, with only one tournament on her itinerary for the fall schedule, I hope she keeps up her momentum and ends the year on a solid note.

Now the rumors are true, Justine is on the comeback trail. Judging on how quickly Clijsters reclaimed her throne, it seems like a perfect time for the 27 yr old Henin to get back in the mix and restore order in the women’s game. I’m glad she’s doing it now, as opposed to waiting another 3 or 4 yrs if ever and spending retirement with regret.

I am inclined to compare Henin’s sudden retirement to that of Bjorn Borg’s. If you remember, Borg chose to wait 10yrs for his attempt at a comeback which proved too little too late. I like Justine’s odds. It‘s a good window of opportunity for her, the top ladies really aren’t playing at their best and maybe this time away, has given her a time to recharge and re-motivate.  I’m surprised she’s waiting until the new year, but for fans, the wait will be worth it. I’m seeing a major on her docket for 2010.

Like I predicted for Clijsters that she would be back in the top 5 in no time, I feel the same for Henin. 2010 should be a big year for the Belgians. 

Crazy week in Tokyo last week as the top 6 seeds crashed out in the first round. Dinara Safina continues to play poorly and will now lose the top ranking to Serena Williams, justice does exist. It was a massive week in Japan for Sharapova as she steps up and wins her first tournament of 2009.  She seems to be regaining her form from pre shoulder surgery and the double faults seem to be on the mend as well.  She’s off to a great start in China with an upset over Victoria Azarenka. If Shaza can finish the year strong, I think she has a good chance to get back in the top 8.  Considering she missed the first 5 1/2 months of the season, making the WTA championships would be an amazing achievement.  We need our stars to shine.

Nice to see the loaded field again in China lead by Serena Williams, hopefully regaining the number one ranking will inspire Serena and let everyone forget and forgive.  I know the ITF is still looking into the Serena situation from the US Open. I think a suspension would be a travesty. Let’s put the event behind us and move forward. It only hurts the tournaments and the fans. 

In my book, 2010 could be one of the most interesting years in women’s tennis ever. All eyes will be on the Aussie Opens. You’ve got 3 months to get your tickets.

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