Serena Gets It Right!

The WTA wraps a winning season. The drama for the No. 1 ranking between Safina and Serena went out the window with Safina’s pulling the rip cord in her round robin first round match. I actually think it’s a good thing for Safina to have not finished the year #1. She had so many nay sayers and this will possibly give her some incentive to earn it and win a major in 2010.

Winning a major should be her one and only goal for the coming year. Serena Williams puts on possibly her best performance of the year, by going 5 & 0, beating her sister twice and finishing the year on a high note.

Did I mention she broke the single season women’s prize money record with a whopping $6.3M…that should put some presents in the stockings¬†this season.¬†At 28 & 29 the Williams sisters showed no signs of slowing down when so many of their peers have fallen by the way side. Their careful schedule and increasing their doubles play seems to help them be more motivated and I see no reason why they can’t carry on this way for another 3-4 years.

Props to the WTA tour for finishing up the season one month earlier than the mens side. I still feel like November 1st is a tad late to finish the season, but the fact that the men have to slog it out another month makes for a very long season of wear and tear for these athletes.

I think potentially in 2010 with a healthy return of Justine Henin, Kim Clijsters, the William sisters, Sharapova and the young Wozniaki…it could be the most exciting year in women’s tennis history. All eyes will be on the women in Melbourne…especially Justine Henin. I doubt she’ll let it on, but I think finishing No. 1 is a big deal to Serena. I feel she’ll be highly motivated in 2010 to prove that she’s still the one to beat and not the Belgians.

On the final stretch of the mens, I’m seeing a four horse race in the last two tournaments to get into the Masters. Check out the fight between Gonzo, Tsonga, Verdasco and Soderling to be last man into London. Nice to Fed back on the courts, looking well rested and ready to go. I hear there’s a full time physio on the sidelines – keeping him fighting fit. Great move by Federer, too many athletes ignore this part of the equation.

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